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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Indian curry restaurant

Indian curry restaurant

Today I went to Indian restaurnant.

In Japan, I think curry is one of most popular among kids.

How'w in your coutry?

Japanese kids' favorite are Hamburg steak, curry, pasta, and Omelet.

I liked curry as well, but now, coz I grow up, I don't like sweet curry(Japanese curry for kids are revamped into sweet).

Needless to say, Curry is original of India and there are lot of Indian restaurant exist in Japan.

So I go to Indian curry restaurant and eat real curry these days.

I like foreign foods!

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Marg said...

That looks delicious! I never knew they had so much variety in Japan. Sure, you can add it to your favorites, but it won't have much activity until I leave for Japan this summer.

Taro said...

OK I will stay tuned to your new blog.
If you concern about some topics about Japan, please post it there!

Glen Teacher said...

Taro, actually I would be one of the foreginers who don't like Mentaiko. It's strange because I usually like a lot of japanese food, but not this. I can eat it, but for me it is not so great.

Where is the curry resturant that you show? Do you ever goto Larky (spelling?)?

Taro said...

Hi glen teacher!
Ah Just as I thought. I recommend you to try cooked mentaiko instead of raw mentaiko first.
I have never been to Larky(Are you talking about the Indian restaurant near Shieki station right?). This restaurant is "Spice Okoku" in Shigenobu. But they also have branch in Okaido among Chihune-Machi Ave. You can see yellow billboard at 2nd floor.