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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Meals package

Meals package

My mum sometimes buy this in market when she doesn't feel like to cook.

It is not cheap but yes, 50% discounted when she goes to market:D

On the center area: Kimchi flavored Yakibuta(roast pork)
On the top area: Humburg stake with sweet sauce
On the right area: octopus salad
On the bottom area: deepflied sweet potato with sugar corting
On the left: oxtongue salad

I think this os good for 3 or 4. And cost only 1000yen(8 USD) in my hometown.

How convenience it is!


Margaret said...

Looks delicious! I've never had octopus. It will be interesting. Actually, I will be living in Iyo, I think. But it's very close to Matsuyama, so I'm see Matsuyama. Also, do you by any chance know of a Dr. Fuji in that area?

Taro said...

Hi Margaret
Octopus is popular among Japanese so you will be able to try it in Japan!
Hmm I have never heard about Dr.Fuji but I can find the location because Iyo is 20 minutes far from where I live. Most of guys live in Iyo work in Matsuyama on daytime and play in Matsuyama at night. So I think you will spend a lot of time in Matsuyama.
Have you already written a letter to host family? It's only 1 month to go.

Margaret said...

Actually it's 2 months. I wish it was 1 month. Someone just called me and told me some of the host information, but the whole package is in the mail right now.

Taro said...

You have 2 months to come to Japan, so you can study Japanese songs or fashion to make good relationship with your neighbors immediately in Japan. To make your life in Japan better, It is important for you to understand Japanese culture well.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the advice Taro! I am doing my best to learn some Japanese culture before I go.

Anna P said...
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Anna P said...




でも、oxtongue saladが何ですか

Taro said...

hi anna chan
oxtongue salad made by lettuce, onion and thin sliced oxtongue(boiled) with mustard sauce. We like tongue of beef and pork.
How do you say?
BTW I was really impressed by your skills of Japanese in the comment section and your website. Why don't you write post of your blog in Japanese? :D