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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shrimp tempura

Shrimp tempura

This is one of my favorite sidedish for beer.

We can cook it at home but pretty difficult to complete like that served in restaurant.

So it's better to buy not cook!

around 10 small shrimp and cost only 200yen.

I want to eat this every night but usualle sold out after 5 PM when I go to market:(


Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

This is my all-time favorite Japanese dish. I could seriously eat 4 big shrimp and still be hungry, lol.

Thanks for helping me with my Japanese! Do you think after every post I make, you could correct what I did wrong? I think it would help me alot! :D Thanks!

Taro said...

Sure! I will correct the mistakes. If you are not sure, you can attach English below Japanese in the post so I can understand what you mean to say and correct.

Rodrigo said...

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maria said...

i love tempura!!!!!
daisuki yo!!!!

:) me too i cannot cook crispy tempura . i wonder how they do it?

maria said...


Taro,how well do u like Philippine foods?

Taro said...

Hi maria
Actually I don't like Philippine foods very much:(
With exception of kinilaw, nilaga, sisig, pancit(of think noodles) and tapsilog. I don't like sweet foods such as care-care, and sweet sausage(I cant recall exact name that is served in the morning in jolibee):p

Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

I was trying to say "water park" lol.. "water amusement park" haha.

Thanks again for the help!! =]

Taro said...

Oh misunderstood :p
I have no idea to translate "water park" into Japanese.:( I will look it up on the dictionary :p)