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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chikuwa tempura

Chikuwa Tempura

It's one of my favorite tempura. Sorry I did tempura again..

I think most people like prawn tempura best. And Japanese also likes prawn, squid, or and fishes tempura.

I don't think Chikuwa tempura is not popular in Tokyo or other east side in Japan.

Oh, I should explain what is chikuwa first of all.

please see here. I can't explain well with my poor English skills.

When my mum cook Chikuwa tempura, she add seaweed or curry powder into tempura coating.

I think this way is original of my mum and I was used to eat it in boyhood still now.

Probably none of you foreigners have never tried this.

If you can buy chikuwa in your hometown, why don't you try?

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