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Monday, June 4, 2007

Tai(sea bream) Sashimi

Tai(sea bream) Sashimi

Is that right that I call this fish as "sea bream"?

I fish this one in Australia and an German taught me this is "sea bream" in English.

I'm not sure..

Sea bream is one of most expensive fish in Japan, and Japanese eats it on some legal holiday or someone's marrige celemony or birthday.

But we also eat it on ordinary day.

What is best sashimi for me is probably yellowtail or salmon.

I like sashimis that smell fishy and oily.

When I eat delicious sashimi, I thank God that I am born as Japanese!

When I eat spicy food in Thai, I wish I could born as Thai.:(

Am I selfish?

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chicken tortilla soup said...

This looks great im going to Japan...

Taro said...

Hi chicken tortilla soup,
Are you coming to Japan? I hope you prepare well and enjoy Japanese culture!

turkey soup said...

Hey you guys doing any deserts soon cold ones?

Taro said...

Hi turkey soup
What would you like to mean by that? I don't get it..