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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



This is Japanese confectionery.

Since I don't like sweet foods so I didn't try to introduce sweets.

But it is also Japanese dietarty habit, therefore, I will introduce about them with picture when my mum buy it.

I wish if I could tell what it is in detail.

On the left, bean jam inside and covered with rice dumpling with soy flour coating.

On thr right, dumpling inside and covered with bean jam.

Is that right to call it "bean jam"?

I saw a vender sold it in the Philippines(not Ohagi but something covered with bean jam).


Anna P said...

Thanks for the comment! =]

I was kind of being sarcastic about the Hiroshima thing. Thanks for the reassurance, though! =D

Hmm, that bean jam stuff looks interesting. I can't wait to go to Japan and eat some new food!

Taro said...

I saw your newer post just now. Will you stay in Japan only for 2 weeks? Anyway you should learn how to use chopstics :p

maria said...


covered with bean jam?hmmm maybe it is not covered with bean jam?

maybe it is ube or yam?
color violet desyo?

yes it is sweet and great for snacks ... Philippine delicacy


Taro said...

I don't know how do you call it but I was used eat it in laguna with kids. Vender sells it on mirienda(??) time :D

maria said...

yes, merienda wa snacks time..

Taro said...

"merienda" I'm getting ficient with tagalog! salamat po!

maria said...

haha, tagalog isn't that difficult. I believe Nihonggo is the most difficult language in the world.


Kathy said...

I agree with maria, I think the purple stuff is probably ube. (You know, it's like a sweet potato/yam, except it's purple. They add a lot of sugar to it so it'll taste good.) ^-^ What an interesting blog!

Taro said...

Hi Kathy
Thanks for your comments :D
Yes I think you guys are right, I'm pretty sure it was ube. I ate it a long long time ago so I don't remember how its texture is :(
Please visit again!