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Friday, June 8, 2007

Mentaiko Pasta

Mentaiko Pasta

In Japan, pasta is so popular but what kind pasta is most popular here?

Well, I think pasta w/ meat sauce, w/ garlic and chili, w/ creamy sauce are popular but not most popular.

"Mentaiko Pasta" is most popular in Japan!

I dont think you guys have already tried this in your coutries since Mentaiko couldn't be found overseas.

Oh, I should explain what is "mentaiko".

Please see this. ......I cut corners again:p

Mentaiko is great combination with white rice and other ingredients!

I think Mentaiko is imported from south korea but not sure..

Does anyone knows?

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Marg said...

I didn't know they eat pasta in Japan, I love pasta!

maria said...

i ate pasta in Japan and it taste like pure tomatoes....but really taste good!!!

i havent eaten mentaiko.......:)

Taro said...

Hi marg!
Not only Pasta, Japanese eat any kind of cuisine!
You can find Italiano restaurant, Thai restaurant, Chinese restaurant and more. As well as in Matsuyama, there are a lot of foreign restaurant exsits!

Taro said...

Hi maria!
Oh I think you like mentaiko so much coz most of filipino friends of mine loves it and sometimes ask me to bring it to the bar:D
You can buy it frozen Mentaiko in Japanese ingredients store in Manila but it's not fresh..