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Monday, June 11, 2007

What I eat on lunch everyday

What I eat on lunch everyday

I usually work from 8 am to 5 pm so I have a break for a lunch.

Sometimes, when I am in a rush of deadline, I don't have enough time to go out for lunch.

So I have a lot of stock of Instant noodles in my office.

What is best for me and health is asking my mum to make packed lunch for me.

But you know she ask me 500 yen per one packed lunch!

As you see at above picture, there a lot of dish in the box and I like all of them.

What I want to ask my mum is discount the amount :(

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Glen Teacher said...

Hi Taro,
I like your page. Thanks for your comment. I will be adding more updates to my blog soon (and hopefully more frequently!)

What resturants do you reccomend in Matsuyama?

maria said...

hi taro!!
what is your packed lunch?

Taro said...

Hi glen teacher
Thanks! I'm looking foraward to see your updates.
My favorite restaurants in Matsuyama are Yakitori restaurant in 3 bancho(I don't remember exact name), Kokusaitei Yakiniku restarant, Bikkuri donkey, Spice Okoku(see above post), and Ganba-tei udon eating house. I don't live in Matsuyama for so long years so they are just about!

Taro said...

Hi maria
This packed lunch includes Pumpkin tempura, karaage(boneless fried chiken I think you tried it when you were in Japan), omelet, and rice with "Furikake". I like all of them!

西瓜男 said...

Hi Taro,

Your lunch looks good. Yum-yum...
I am having lunch now and writhing this comment.
What am I eating ?
Frozen Cannelloni ! The taste is ... I say, OK.

Taro said...

Hi Mr.Suika
I wanto eat some frozen foods in my office but there are no microwave :@
So I eat instant noodles insted..