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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sushi sold in market

Sushi sold in market

I wrote about sashimi yesterday so it's time to introduce sushi that sold in market.

We often eat sushi as you think, but not in Japanese restaurant.

We can buy delicious sushi in supermarket so no need to go to restaurant.

This package is my mum's favorite so we usually eat this.

top line from the left; 2 tuna, 3 squid, and 2 salmon
middle line from the left; 2 bream, 2 sea urchin, 2 salmon caviar, 2 shrimp, 1 sacallop
bottom line from the left; 2 egg sushi, 2 prawn, and 2 eel

I think if I eat this in Japanese restaurant, I have to spend 5000yen(40USD) but this is sold as 2000yen(15USD) in market.

And what is important for sushi is soy sauce. Choose exepensive one to make sushi better!


Anna P said...

Mmmm, that shrimp looks good =D

And I use chopsticks all the time.. whenever I eat Ramen noodles or rice. I'm actually getting pretty good at using them =]

maria said...

hi taro!!!!

hisashiburi desu!!!
I remembered I wanted to take out the sushi from Hana no Mai restaurant, they never let us do so ... because it might get be contaminated datte.. I told that my apartment was just the same building on the 6th floor but they never let me do take it out


Taro said...

hi anna p
Are you trying to using chopstics? It's important because Some of restaurant don't have spoon and fork in Japan. I think eating ramen with chopstice is pretty hard for foreigner but you can. So you will be able to enjoy your meals in Japan!

Taro said...

Hi maria
Sushi restaurant doesn't allow customers to take out sushi because they are afraid of food poisoning occurs. If once it happen, they will lose all of customers and reputation, and will be bankrupt in Tokyo. So strict.

maria said...

hai wakarimashita!!!

restaurants and supermarkets different packaging desuka?

does supermarkets use preservatives to be able to store it longer period of time ?


Taro said...

Yeah some of supermarket stock frozen raw fish fillet with preservations. They cut them into fillet and out onto sushi rice. But preservations are also restricted by strit raw so no need to worry about it :D