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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tempura Bowl

Tempura Bowl

I bought this for dinner tonight.

Just at 150 JPY(1 USD) :D

There are a lot of market in Japan and they begin bargain sale after 6 PM.

So most of Bento(a large variety of dishes packed together in a box) and Sushi box will be discounted.

Depends on a place and dish, 10% to 50% discouted.

This tempura - bowl includes shrimp tempura, butter bean tempura, lotus root tempura and squid tempura.

We have to prepare a lot of things to cook it in our home, but we can buy it at 1 USD.

Japanese attach importance to foods. So we sometimes have some trouble in foreign countries.

If you come to Japan, I think it's so hard to eat bad taste cuisine.

Try anything anywhere in Japan!

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Marg said...

This looks good! I will try it when I come to Japan!

Taro said...

Yeah that's what I usually eat in my home.
Cheap but not bad taste!