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Tuesday, June 26, 2007



Does it looks NOT delicious?

This is "Okonomiyaki". Sometimes called Japanese pancake. We went to Okonomiyaki restaurant last Sunday.


Ingredients are cabbage, bean sprouts, flour, dashi, egg, udon or soba noodle, sauce(made of begetables and fruits), mayonnaise, seaweed powder.

I'm not sure and probably there are more ingredients inside.

What is important is hot electric plate set on each table in Okonomiyaki restaurant.

So we could eat hot Okonomiyaki till we finish. Have you ever heard about "Teppanyaki" in your country?

"Teppan" means electric plate and "teppanyaki" is one of the way of Japanese cuisine.

Okonomiyaki resturant serve same way for customers.

Most of Japanese worker likes to go to Okonomiyaki restaurant with their coworker and drink beer when business hours end.

I love beer when I am there :p


Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

Hmm, that doesn't look like something I would ever eat XD But, hey, you never know.. I might someday, lol.

Wow, thanks sooo much for the little Japanese verb lesson. And I agree that they ARE difficult. There are soooo many different forms/tenses and other things.

Oh and my friend's sister works at a company, and she needs to learn how to say a conversation in Japanese. I tried to translate it myself, but it didn't go so well >__< I'm going to post the conversation on my blog, so do you think you could help me?

Ahh, now I feel bad.. you're helping me with alot of things, but I'm not doing anything for you! XD Is there anything I can do to repay you? lol ^^'

Taro said...

Hey please don't hesitate to ask me about Japanese. I will teach you and it could be lessons of my English as far. Probably everybody is glad to teach their mother language :D
I will visit your blog later after I take dinner..

Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

Ahh thanks SOOOOO MUCH! My friend and his sister will appreciate it very much! And I'll be learning more Japanese at the same time, lol.

So just let me know if you need help with English and I would be glad to help =]

Maria from Global is the one making the call, and I'm not quite sure what/who Adrian Love is o_O

maria said...

Hi taro!!!

I have eaten okonomiyaki in our omise but it doesnt look like that. It is naturally soft and with lots of toppings on it.

It is my first time to see it...

Taro said...

Hi アナchan
OK I will take consideration into it. I will go and post comments on your blog later.

Taro said...

Hi maria
Because there are 2 different version of Okonomiyaki exists in Japan. You ate "Kansai style okonomiyaki" that is popular in Tokyo and Osaka.
I attached photo that shows "Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki" That is popular in Hiroshima.
They are completely different. I don't like Tokyo style :(