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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sake no chan-chan yaki

Sake no chan-chan yaki

"Sake" means "Japanese traditional alcoholic drink". And probably it is popular in overseas as far.

But "Sake" also means "Salmon" in Japanese.

I don't know what "chan-chan yaki" means but I love it.

I can't cook the sauce of "chan-chan yaki" but there are instant sauce sold in Japan.

So I can cook it with no technic. How convenience it is!

Ingredients are salmon fillet, cabbage, thin sliced carrot, sliced onion, bean sprout and instant sauce(buy it in market).

And just stirfly begetabled and fillet of salmon. After they are getting cooked, open the package of sauce and add into pan.

The sauce has rich miso(fermented soybean paste) flavor, and a little bit sweet.

If you like salmon and miso, I'm sure you love this :p)


maria said...

Hmmm, i think it taste good because i love miso ...


Anna Pesut アナ ピースーット said...

I've never tried salmon before, but I'm willing to. I don't eat a lot of fish.. I don't know why, it just doesn't come up as much as pizza and burgers here in the U.S. XD

I didn't really understand this. Could you explain it?? =]

Taro said...

Hi maria
Unfortunately, I always made effort to find chan-chan yaki sauce all over Makati but couldn't. Maybe this is not famous dish in Tokyo.

Taro said...

Hi アナちゃん
Do you know how to express "deny" in Japanese Verbs?
勉強しないといけない means "I have to study" or "I should study".
When you want to say "have to" or "should", The configuration may be
"Verb(denying) + といけない" . How to express "deny" depends on each Verbs. Such as
寝ないといけない ... I have to go to bed
行かないといけない ... I have to go
あやまらないといけない ... I have to apologize

Verbal inflections is one of most difficult section of Japanese lesson but I think you can :)