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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sushi beta

Sushi beta

This is "beta version" Sushi that is under contemplation in my mum's place.

She is working in market as chef so sometimes she brought some "beta version" foods :p

This one is delicious so will be launching selling at market soon. The ingredients are...

On the left : salmon caviar with green leaves.
On the top line from the left : eel with seaweed, lightly roasted salmon, Yellowtail, and mackerel
On the bottom line from the left : Boiled prawn, boiled squid, tuna

Now I want to eat Maki-sushi(Sushi-roll) :p


Camemberu said...

You are so lucky to be a beta-tester for yummy food! It really looks very delicious!

maria said...

hi taro!!!

what is the difference between the beta sushi and the sushi that I have eaten in sushi shops in Japan?


Taro said...

Hi camemberu
Yup I am glad to be the one to taste foods that are on the way to processing. But my mum sometimes bring bad taste salad :(

Taro said...

Hi maria
beta sushi is not yet being sold in market. When my mum's sperior think the menu sold in market should be renewed, he cook it and make my mum and other worker to taste. If everyone think it is OK, will be sold in market.
What is biggest difference is freshness and amount :p

Anna P said...

For some reason or other, I've never tried sushi XD oh man, that's gonna ruin my reputaion, lol!

I actually used to have a blog that I typed in Japanese, but I deleted it. Maybe I'll try it again in this blog.

がんばります! :D

Taro said...

hi anna
I think what is best way for you to learn how to read and write Japanese is blogging and communicate with Japanese. I am blogging in English so my skills of English are getting better than before!

But still terrible :(

maria said...

when it comes to amount is it cheaper?

Taro said...

We have to pay at least of 3000yen per one in Sushi restaurant. But I can buy 10 peace of sushi(enough for me) at the price of 500 yen in market. It depends, but most of sushi sold in merket is much cheaper than Sushi restaurant :p)