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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Instant noodles

Instant noodle

These days, valious instant noodles are sold in every mall and convenience store in Japan.

Therefore, food suplier have to keep making effort to improve taste of them to last in the industry.

1 out of 10 will last, 9 out of 10 will can't.

I was used to eat instant noodle before I move to the Philippines, and I knew very well about them. But 2 years later, when I came back to Japan, most of instant noodles are new for me.

Today, I introduce how Japanese eats instant noodles.

I bought it in a convenience store at 200 yen(1.5 USD)

Open the cap and you can see a couple of plastic bags of seasoning.

Follow the instruction displayed on the cap or bowl, dredge seasoning onto noodles(how-to-cook depends on the instant noodles you bought).

Waiting..... I prepared seaweed,sesami seeds, and chili pepper from cabinet.

Done! I added seaweed, sesami seeds and chilipepper.

I think this one is delicious, but it will be disappear from market place soon(again, 90 % of instant noodles cant last).

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maria said...

I love best Nissins seafoods noodles. My Japanese boyfriend sends me boxes of ramen thru the net.

my family loves it too!!!

Taro said...

I dont remember well but I think 90 % of instant noodles and pancit sold in Philippine are from Nissin, arent them?
In Japan, Nissin is also biggest instant food suplier.
You mean "Nissin seafood noodles" is the one sold in Japan?
I like them but "Nissin seafood noodles(in blue plastic bowl)" and "Nissin spicy seafood noodles(in black plasstic bowl)" that sold in Philippines are delicious too!

maria said...

I mean the nissins seafoods instant cup noodles made in Japan.

I love the taste.:)

I was amazed it cost 65pesos in the groceries. The local ones cost cheap.

I love Lucky Me pancit canton. Have u tasted it?

Taro said...

yeah I was used to buy it as 5 pesos per each and took it when I hane to save money there.:D
Unfortunately, I don't like any kinds of lucky me puncit canton. Especially, "lucky me pancit caramansi" taste so bad for me :(
Chili is not bad.

maria said...

i love chili pancit canton!!!

now, it is worth 8pesos in our sarisari store hehe

Marg said...

This looks so good! We have things like this in America, but not as high quality as this!

Taro said...

Hi marg
I agree. Most of foregner surprizes when they first time eats Japanese instant noodles.
I know it's not good for my health but I can't help eat it sometimes(maybe twice in a week):p