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Friday, June 22, 2007



How often do you eat sheep meat? Or never?

In Japan, beef, chicken, and pork are most popular.

Sometimes we eat wild boar and sheep but not so popular.

This dish is called "Jin-gisu-kan" in Japan.

As usual, we bought instant package of it. Like this...

Includes sheep meat, bean sprout, carriot, peppers and sauce.

So we just need to put all to pan and stirfly for a couple of minutes.

Tastes like Yakiniku, but I prefer boar meat rather than sheep :p


Anna P said...

I think your English is great :D And I'm going to try to keep a Japanese blog. I think it'll be fun! =]

Oooh! I've had lamb meat before (I'm pretty sure sheep is the same as lamb). In the U.S., we put the meat on pita bread and it's called gyros, and there's this really delicous dip that goes with it. It's soooo good.

Haha, your blog always makes me excited to go to Japan and eat the food there.

Taro said...

Yes sheep meat is lamb.
There are not so many kinds of dishes using sheep meat so I want to try gyros. I have never had it before.
I hope to make foreigners to be interested JApanese food and culture via my blog!